Stepping Stones Preschool features small classes with a staff that is nurturing, educated and dedicated. We specialize in the whole child readiness skills. Our themed curriculum is play, socialization and academically based. Each school day encompasses hands-on fun through exploring the world around them. Stepping Stones is a small school and the atmosphere allows curriculum to be individualized to meet each child’s specific needs.

We are a Christian based program and partner with St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church to help guide the children’s early steps in faith. We invite children and families of all faiths to join our program, our Christian basis helps develop a strong foundation of good morals and service to others.

Classes at Stepping Stones exceed in all state standards in ratios, qualifications and expectations. Class ratios are kept low with highly trained teachers. This provides each child with the individual attention he/she deserves.

Stepping Stones offers each child a balance of play, social and academic readiness skills.


Infant Program

Our infant program has been open since June 2016. We provide quality affordable care for infants up to age 18 months. Our infant program focuses on engaging the children in their environment and helping them learn to explore their ever expanding world. The children are loved and cared for by the same teachers throughout the day which provides them with continuity of care and  helps build strong relationship between caregiver, child and parents.

We understand it can feel stressful and difficult for parents to leave their children at such a young age. We try to alleviate some of that by having a open communication with parents about all that goes on each day with their child. You will receive a daily communication sheet detailing your infant’s day with us at Stepping Stones.


Stepping Stones Roseville Preschool Programs

Toddler Program

Our toddler program was established in February 2016. When our infants reach the age of 18 months they are moved to the downstairs toddler room. Here they will begin preparing for their preschool career!

Our toddlers work on potty training and self-help skills including feeding themselves. We begin to introduce circle time and letters, numbers and colors. We encourage  sensory exploration with playdough, sand and other media. We continue the same quality of care in this program and encourage the growth of the relationships between teachers, children and family. When the child is old enough and both parents and teachers agree they are ready they will be moved up to our preschool age program.

Includes a daily communication sheet that goes home to parents.

Stepping Stones Preschool Programs Roseville

Preschool Program

Our preschool program has been open since July 2015. We have 3 preschool age classrooms, a 3’s room, a 4’s room and a Pre-K room. All of our classes follow the same academic calendar at an age appropriate level.

We use a hands on curriculum called Handwriting Without Tears that makes learning fun and easy!

  • In our 3 year old room we focus on basic skills like sitting for circle time, letter recognition, number recognition, etc. We also focus on socialization skills including sharing and taking turns (always a challenge for this age group!).
  • In our 4 year old room we work on more school readiness skills. Circle time is increased in length. We practice our letter sounds, upper and lower case letter recognition, writing and cutting skills, etc.
  • In our Pre-K room we focus even more on kindergarten readiness. We have optional weekly homework packets, the children start learning and practicing sight words, we try to fine tune their writing and cutting skills and much more.

Our focus is on developing the whole child: mind, body and spirit. We encourage play-based learning by allowing our children more then an hour of outdoor play time where they are free to explore our large playground, as well as an hour or more each day of playtime in our classrooms.

Children learn best by doing the ‘work’ of childhood and that is playing.

We also guide our students in their first steps in their Christian faith. We have bible study Tuesday mornings with Father Chris, prayer boards where children and parents alike can place a prayer request, we pray before our snacks and lunch, and we incorporate faith-based activities into our daily curriculum. Our teachers all come from different Christian faiths and bring to each classroom a unique experience in faith to share with the children.

All of our programs include healthy, organic snacks and organic meals prepared in-house to nourish their growing bodies and minds.


Creative learning environment Stepping Stones Roseville Preschool


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